Recycled Seams in Seam Treatments

I had a pretty good weekend working some embroidery. My plan for my TX Mockingbird panel is to add "rough" seam treatments that sort of blend into the whole piece. I'm going with a mellow medium tone with textures here. Toward that end, I am trying some new ideas for "embroidery floss" that includes some yarn samples and couching down some seam allowances and torn strips from discarded shirts.

That gold ribbon is from one of Wes's cigar boxes.  I painted that trim a long time ago.  I was about to put it in the resale bag when I thought to hold it by the wallhanging and of course, it was spared.

It's hard to tell in the picture but that is a skinny piece of shirt seam allowance that I herringboned down with some fuzzy yarn.  With the kind of sewing I do, I get all kinds of interesting scraps from clothes that I cannot bear to throw away.  They have such interesting textures.  I'm going to try to incorporate them more in my CQ work as "trim".

Time to get started on a strippy quilt with some of the 100 CQ Marathon blocks.  The focus for the next few weeks is to use those in quilts.

Have a Creative Day, Y'All!


  1. I love the torn fabric as trim. That's a brilliant idea.

    1. Truthfully, I got the idea from Carol's trim she had on one of her blocks. It was literally torn fabric that had been gathered through the middle. It started the wheels turning. Sophie bought a bunch of shirts at Goodwill and gave me the skeletons so I have been eyeing them with a thought to use them for some CQ. My next step is to gather them & see how that works.

  2. I love the closeups you share with us. You really get to see all the detail that goes into your quilts. I love all the different materials and treatments you use. So interesting!


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