Last of the 9 CQ Blocks with Trim

I was able to keep my nose to the grindstone yesterday and get the last of the 9 blocks trimmed. The trim really adds another layer of interest to the composition. I still have some blank spaces where I will add some little motifs but I can do that as I work on each individual block.


This block has an interesting "made up" treatment.  I used the hem off an old pink pillowcase to fashion that ruffle.  The silk rectangle to the right is the end of a tie.  I lived in Illinois for quite a long time & once upon a time found this thrifted hankie so wanted to include it.  The turquiose gingham is from a silk dress's hem.  The edge has dangling beads.


I had to knock back some of the blue.  I added the rest of the Illinois hankie and a corner off my vintage daisy napkin. 


This block went under quite a transformation.  The brown gingham heart is an apron pocket--it reminds me of the 20+ years I was married to my former husband-bride of the '70s!  A filet crochetted honey bee because with a name like Debra, it's inevitable that you are going to be called the Bee.

Well, yesterday was a full day!  Today I may go ahead and piece the string border I plan to use.  Then I have to take a few days and get a quilt made for a friend.

Have a Creative Day, Y'All!


  1. Anonymous10:46 AM

    I love your approach to CQ. It's very inspiring. Grovenore

    1. Thank you! I'm having fun and since this quilt is for me, why not, right?

  2. So should I start calling you Aunt Bee?

  3. Again, such beautiful work!


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