42 CQ Blocks and Counting

At the top of the stairs of my walk-up attic is a very large rubbermaid container. I have to go by it everytime I want to be up there. Monday morning I decided its time had come. I took out the other boxes and bags that were in it -- my rudimentary attempt at organizing scraps--and started sewing CQ blocks.

I save really flimsy, ugly or misprinted fabrics for the block foundations. It's a great reuse for fabrics I know I won't use otherwise.

I also had a collection of pieced blocks and a few wallhangings that had been given to me that were never going to get done- even by me.  Sometimes gifted items are just too out of the color range for even my eclectic stash, so they all went under the cutter in the name of CQ blocks.  I added printed panels I bought thinking I would try machine quilting, failed painting experiments, shirt bits and pieces, thrifted clothes finally cut for their fabric.  My CQ blocks are a real hodge podge of cotton fabrics.

I keep my smaller scraps segregated from larger pieces.  When sewing CQ (or crumb blocks) I like to use them when the window of opportunity arrives at the very beginning when the center is stitched.  No use cutting a long strip into smaller pieces.  So I have these in various sized piles on my work table.

I'm in production mode this week and a little preplanning makes the process quicker.  I don't want to be pawing through my rubbermaid for smaller scraps.

My larger scraps are in here.  This is not the rubbermaid upstairs--it is 3 or 4 sizes larger.  This is my working rubbermaid. 

I am averaging 21 blocks a day!  They are 13".  Not bad!  I don't have an immediate plan for them.  I'd like to get some service quilts made and these will be handy as "pieced" blocks in a "modern" quilt setting.  But, mainly, I wanted the blocks made so they organize those scraps better.

  Do you think I can make 100 blocks by the weekend?
Have a Creative Day, Y'All!


  1. Of course you can!

  2. I agree! You can do it!

  3. I think you can I think you can!!!! :)

  4. Oh ya, no problem, grow three more arms, load up your snack plate with carrots and grow for it!!
    Happy spring, great post!


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