More Progress on the Bird Panels

Red Tanager Bird Panel is ready for the hand embroidery.  There is one spot that may need a flower -- right at that sharp point on the bird's left hand side.  Something more graceful, maybe?

One of the aspects of crazy quilting that I thoroughly enjoy is including bits and pieces of personal memorabilia in my pieces.  This piece is no exception.  When Sophie & I were at the flea market the other weekend, I picked up this unfinished apron.  I am interested in chicken scratch-probably not enough to sit down and do it--but ceertainly in how other stitchers have done it.  This apron bottom has a very interesting treatment. Lots of woven stitching--much more than I would ever put on an apron (you can bank on that!).

My buddy, Libby, sent me these vintage '70s orange trims.  They worked perfectly for this piece.  The pretty blue trim was one Angela gave me.  A few trims from Allie on here too.

 While I was fiddling with the Red Tanager's fabric placement, the embroidery machine was adding more birds to the Texas Mockingbird panel.  I just felt he needed some feathered friends.  This nightingale is so sweet.

The owl is superb!  He is stitched on a very rough fabric sample and since it is fraying like crazy, I'll embroider it as a rawedge patch.  He's also going on the TX Mockingbird panel.

Here's a little bird that is hand cross stitched.  He also looked sweet in this battenburg lace heart so he's going on the TX panel too. I'll be adding a dove and a swallow to the group.  Then, that panel will be ready for its hand embroidery.

I realized yesterday (like a slap upside the head) that it will easily take me a year to embroider these 4 bird panels.  I still have one to rework with smaller patches (you may remember these were going to be big couch pillows).  So, in essence, I shouldn't be planning any more crazy quilts because, truthfully, I still have 3 or 4 in the closet that have reached the "Hmm, I need to figure out your problem and move forward with you" stage, except that I don't have the energy to go backwards on them and they are too good to pitch as unfinishable.  So there they languish in the Closet of Shame.

I think last night I also finally decided that I really don't enjoy the fiddling around with the elements --as a wallhanging-- as much as I thought I did.  I think I would like the Crumb Quilt approach applied to crazy quilting a little more.  I still have one more CQ I want to make about my life and I am trying to think about how to make it more crumb quilt-like.  

Have a Creative Day, Y'All!


  1. Wonderful birds! I look at the red tanager panel, and I think Jacobean design. Nice trims, too.

    1. Thanks, Suz! I love these birds. I hope I still love them after working on them f-o-r-ever!

  2. I don't think you should call it the Closet of Shame. Perhaps the "Idea Fermenter" or "The Spa," would be more appropriate. I'm sure they will make another appearance one of these days. They're too good to hide away.


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