April's Block for CQJP--Sewing Theme

Here's the full view of my April yellow-orange sewing themed block for the Crazy Quilt Journal Project.

Now for some details for you to enjoy!

The floral arrangement was a happy coincidence!  I've had both in different drawers but they wanted to be together.  They fit so well!  The outer flower is crocheted (by an etsy seller).  I used my original outlined curve as an opportunity to make the scalloped edging around the block. Something had to be done with that poorly stitched outline!

Wheatear stitch to the left and a woven ribbon through some dressmaker's trim couched down with straight stitches.  I had added the barred chain earlier in the month but it faded away so I added a single chain later. Overall it's a nice effect.

Pretty little tatted motif that Suz sent me--the colors are perfect for this block!

'60s vintage buttons from Sears Roebuck (I know because these are from my mom's sewing stuff and I remember those buttons!) with a thimble charm.  I like this little dangling idea!

Little flat crochetted circle turned into a flower.  The butterfly was tatted by Suz and flew in to land on that funky flower.  Carol mentioned oyster stitch in an email so I gave it a shot--unfortunately, the perle cotton didn't translate well and they look like blobs. (But, my motto here is--this is a learning project.  It does not have to be perfect.)

Wheatear done with 6 plies of DMC.  I like the wheatear.  It's a good "go to" stitch for the Stitch Stash.  I also stitched a buttonhole to look like a satin stitch using one of Carole Samples' templates.  I am a little dismayed that the thread soaked up the water soluble ink.  I've wet it 2x and I can still see it.  Hmmm.  Again, moving on.

I wanted to practice my outline stitch a little more so came up with this figure 8ish motif.  Those star/flowers are little felt cutouts from Michaels $1 bins.  I find lots of good CQ stuff in those!  I attached them with detached chain stitches.  The whole attach/detach scheme!

You can also see a close-up view of the yellow circles.  Again, detached chain with french knots.

Next month's color scheme is Yellow and then I am moving out of the red/yellow section of the color wheel into the Green/Blues.  I'm really tickled with this project.  I'm expanding my stitch combinations by trying to think of different arrangements and I am working with new colors.  Because of this project, I was able to look at my blue CQ and realize that, Yes, Virginia, it needs some other colors added.  I never know what my projects are going to tell me!

Have a Creative Day, Y'All!


  1. What a fun, fun piece! The B&W polka dots add so much to the yellow. I just love polka dots, anywhere, anytime.

  2. I love the black and yellow together along with ALL of the details! Endless possibilities.

  3. Lovely block, especially the lace part.

  4. Lovely detail, Debra!

  5. Now, this is stunning. I've worked with yellow very little. This one is a great example to learn from, awesome work, love all the close ups of your details. Do you use Caroll Samples book?

  6. So many cool little stitches and details, Debra. I like the additions of little bits from Michaels.


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