9 CQ Blocks

Something is going on with me--suddenly, I have this urge to revisit some past ideas and "do them".  I don't know if it is the freedom of working in this crazy quilt style or rummaging through my supply drawers that has brought this desire to the surface again.

My anticipation is for this quilt to be a foundation for exploring those stored ideas.  It's going to be an opportunity to do something for myself because I just want to do it.  I'm not going to allow any critical thoughts into the studio.  I've been at this long enough I can trust my intuition to know what I want to do.

Toward that end, I wanted to record the 9 blocks before I added more work to them.  There are alot of personally significant images and fabrics in these blocks.  It's going to be a long developing journey working with them. 

I've tried to leave some large spaces for embroidery or embellishments I want to add as a 2nd layer of interest.  I expect lots of layers on this quilt.

Do you see that sweet little duck?  I have a set of embroidered Current critters I bought a few years ago with the idea of using them for a grandchild.  My son told me last summer there won't be any grandchildren.  Well, I love these little embroideries so they are going on my quilt.  That little duck reminds me of my son, Brent.  It makes me smile -- the whole quilt makes me smile and I haven't even gotten to know it yet.

Our backyard was swarming with hummingbirds when Wes and I got married.  He took me to Hawaii for an engagement trip.

The little mouse with the Monarch butterfly is, of course, none other than Will.  Gosh, I miss that kid.

I hope you will enjoy my CQ journey with this quilt.

Have a I'm Gonna Do That Day, Y'All! 


  1. Goodness but your work is steeped in memories. Keep going and make what you want. Life is too short not to:)

  2. Oh, I can see something really special developing with these blocks. I can only imagine what kind of special treatments you'll make to them...so little time and so many crazy quilts to make! Thanks for sharing, I too love crazy quilting.

  3. I have to echo Caroline's comment--it's developing into something really special. It makes *me* smile, too!

  4. These blocks are so lovely. All the special details really pop now that you've broken out of the light blue palette. Great work.

  5. These blocks are going to be something oh so special.

  6. I agree; what a special piece this will be.


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