New Tablecloths

I made an interesting discovery this weekend.
A shower curtain can be transformed into a 60" round tablecloth!

In my recent surge to decorate the house with more things that I like (instead of storing them in the walk-up attic indefinitely), I decided one surface that could use some fabric is the breakfast table. Using a premade tablecloth as a pattern, I went looking for some fabric candidates.  I was fully expecting I would have to piece sections together to get the appropriate width. To my delight, my little stash of thrifted decorator shower curtains was the right width.  I originally bought these for charity quilt backings but secretly, I wanted to keep them.

I also have a stash of spools of bias tape from square dance costume days that I have wanted to pare down. So, combined with the fabrics, I now have 3 new tablecloths. For the hem, I sewed the bias tape backwards so it would fold to the front as a trim. I stitched it in a zigzag stitch to make it fast and decorative.

Have a Creative Day, Y'All!


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