Quilt Tops for the Ladies

Women across the US are sewing quilt tops for our Women Soldiers and they don't even know it! Here are various quilt tops I have purchased recently on eBay with the intention of having them quilted and sent to Walter Reed in Washington, DC.

The first 3 were made by the same woman. I love how she used the white on white fabric with these exaggerated Barn Door blocks. This is a favorite of mine!

A Flying Geese variation -- very contemporary looking!

Shoo Fly Blocks-- simple but attractive with big Jacobean floral fabric.
I've purchased a few of this lady's quilt tops. This one is a Posy in the Block (or something like that) and I thought it had a nice spring look to it.

These 2 quilt tops are from the lady who also sent the 2 finished quilts below. This is another simple but effective use of the nine patch block in shades of purple and brown. Another favorite!

Why is this one on its side?! Another great color scheme for a female soldier.

These are the 2 finished quilts--very soft and comforting! Very! They remind me of the one Allie just finished for her soldier. I love the comment she made--for a gal trying to get her smile back. I can see these 2 quilts serving the same purpose.

This is one of 4 Grandmother Flower Garden quilts I bought in March. I planned to donate 3 of them and keep this one for myself. My mother liked 2 of them and has taken them. So now one will get donated.
I was very taken with this quilt top because of the mosaic look it has, the edges have been filled in with hexagons (which I don't see much in my "price range"), the piecing is all done by hand, and the color scheme is a bit unusual but very attractive (very Debra, actually).
I have washed it and when I have some idle time, I will press it flat and send it on its way to Deb G for some quilting. The hexagons are 1 ¼", which is clearly not something I ever anticipate piecing. It's about a small twin size.

In the Studio I am continuing to machine embroider butterflies and hand embroider my Little Flower Urchin blocks. Photos soon!


  1. I super love and adore that mosaic quilt!!!! I am saving a picture of it and just might replicate it in my repro fabrics for my guy soldier quilt.
    Thanks for a great show...and a stellar example of service.

  2. So many quilts... cool beans! That flying geese is beautiful, as is the Posy one but I have to agree with you and Allie, that mosaic one is really something else. That's one I'll never make either!

    I worked on mine this past weekend... pictures and a request for opinions on my blog.

  3. Wow!! I love the mosaic quilt, it reminds me of the designs inside mosques and moorish fortresses.

  4. Wow - you have been busy in eBay! These are great quilts for the QOV project. I love the GFG - very striking pattern.

  5. Those are a lot of beautiful quilts. Very nice. The mosaic quilt is super.

  6. Great quilts for QOV. I especially like the nine patch with the triangles. That looks like one I would like to recreate.

  7. The brown, pink, and turquoise color scheme of that mosaic quilt looks very contemporary actually. My favorite though is the posy one with all the movement. Great!

  8. Beautiful quilts! The recipients should love them!

  9. You picked a crop of beauties Debra. They're all lovely, and as you say, you really scored on that mosaic quilt.

  10. so, QOV quilts don't need to be Red, White and Blue? Hmmm, wait- I can make one (i don't seem to have a patriotic stash...)

    That mosaic quilt is quite wonderful!

  11. Oh my, imagine sewing all those tiny hexagons. Of course, I love it but will probably never duplicate it. What great quilts you found!


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